Appointments at Quanta during COVID-19

At Quanta your health and well being has always been paramount. We have however had to make a few changes at Quanta in order to comply with the requirements by our governing body and the government during this time.

Mandatory  screening before your appointment : 24 hours before your appointment you will get a mandatory Covid screening sent to you via email. Please complete this online screening and it will automatically be sent to your therapist. We are not permitted to treat patients that do not do this screening before their appointment. This will need to be filled in before every appointment you have booked until these requirements are lifted.

Covid-19 liability waiver: you will be sent a Covid liability waiver that will need to be filled in. This form is only required once.

Arrive just before your appointment time:  we are no longer able to use our reception area as waiting area in order to limit contact with others. please arrive a few moments before your appointment time and leave promptly after your appointment.  You can use the self check-in feature from your car or prior to entering the clinic but it is not necessary. It is an option for those that choose to use it. 

Clinic protocols: Please wear a mask while in the clinic, please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands as soon as you enter the clinic. Please also adhere to social distancing protocols while in the clinic.

Communal Areas: We are doing our best to sanitize all communal areas however these spaces are difficult to control. We recommend that you limit touching areas like the railings etc when entering the building. Please use the washroom at home prior to your appointment as the washroom is a communal space shared by other businesses.  Please also use hand sanitizer as soon as you enter the clinic.

Cancelling appointments: please cancel your appointment if you are sick,  if you or a family member have been travelling outside of the province or if you are required to self isolate.


In good health