We welcome new patients at Quanta. We want to ensure though that you are aware of our policies and procedures and new patient requirements prior to booking.  We can only accept patients at this time that are able to fill in forms upon receipt without prompting and are comfortable with our policies and procedures.

At Quanta we care about our patients, our therapists and our local community. We have had to made some changes at our clinic to ensure that we can remain compliant with current regulations and to minimize any negative  impact on our current patient base and our therapists. We are doing our best to keep our patient population safe and that our clinic is compliant with our regulatory requirements. This is why we have chosen to limit new patients to our clinic at this time.

We have made all of our policies and procedures available online because we believe in open communication, mutual respect and transparency. We want all of our patients to make informed decisions. We are requesting that you go over the policies and procedures and if you are comfortable then we welcome you to book  an appointment online. We also completely understand if you read our policies and procedures and decide not to become a patient at Quanta as a result.  We respect your choice. We are currently only accepting new patients that are comfortable with our polices and procedures and are willing to fill in the intake form that is emailed to them when they book without prompting due to us not having admin staff.

If you have gone through the communicable disease policies and procedures and have read through link pertaining to the forms that are required are comfortable the next step is to book an appointment.

Booking your Appointment

We have online booking available.  To book an appointment go to our online booking site . The next step is to choose a therapist or a time slot.  Choose your therapist then choose  your appointment time and type.  You will be required to set yourself up an account. Having a credit card on file is required for all bookings. Your credit card will not be billed at the time of booking. It is however used to process payment  at the time of your treatments. It will also be used for any amounts outstanding that is not paid by direct billing your extended health plan (if applicable). You can choose to pay by other methods of payment in the office if you choose.

Adding yourself to the Waitlist or Contact to Book Appointments 

If you are unable to find an appointment time that works for you please add yourself to the waitlist. If there is a time that says it is contact to book please add yourself to the waitlist and specify that you want that particular appointment and the therapist will be notified and will book it for you if it is still available.

After You have Booked your appointment

When you book an appointment you will receive a confirmation email and an intake form is also sent to you via email. This form needs to be filled in when received. The link expires within 24 hours of you receiving it so ensure you have time to fill in the forms when booking the appointment.  Your appointment will be cancelled if you do not fill in the forms. We don’t have admin staff so we are unfortunately unable to accommodate new patients that cannot fill in forms upon receipt.

The information is then sent off to your therapist prior to your appointment so it can be reviewed.  This helps the therapist to create a treatment plan and then the questions asked during the initial appointment prior to treatment will be very specific so you will get more hands on time.  Please fill in all the fields to the best of your ability. The more details and  information you provide in your case history form the greater the ability the therapist has to provide you a safe and effective treatment.  If you do not fill in the case history form prior to your visit your appointment will be cancelled.

Location and Access

We are located at 205-1075 Marine Drive in North Vancouver. For more information about how to find out clinic there is information on the contact page and in access and parking.

Arriving at the office

Please review our communicable disease protocols prior to arriving at the office.  Please wait silently in reception area and your therapist will retrieve you for your appointment. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the quiet and calm of the clinic environment. Please turn off your phone and avoid taking phone calls in the clinic. There is no need to verbally announce your presence when arriving at the clinic to your therapist they will come to get you at the time of your appointment.

 What to Expect

Prior to the treatment your goals, objectives, concerns and any relevant conditions will be discussed. Assessment will be done prior to the massage treatment. During your treatments with all of our therapists you will be in a professional environment and will be treated with care and respect. All professional boundaries will be respected and adhered to. If you engage in a healthy, active lifestyle you will have greater results and enjoy the benefits of your treatments for a greater length of time