Natalya Terzioglu is now offering non registered relaxation massage at Quanta

Natalya Terzioglu has joined us at Quanta.

Natalya  is currently a student at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. She has worked in healthcare since 2016 as a Medical Laboratory Technician and is excited to embark on a new career path. She feels that becoming a massage therapist will enable her to have a  have a more direct impact on the health and wellness of those in the local community.

While she is a student she will be in 2 evenings a week at Quanta Integrated Health to offer non registered relaxation massage at a discounted rate. These treatments will be similar to those relaxation spa treatments that are offered at spas but at a lower rate. There is even the option to further enhance your treatment with the addition of pure essential oils ( muscle relief blend, or a relaxation blend and/or peppermint foot lotion).  If you are looking to de-stress and unwind and do not have an extended health plan this is a great option to get the relaxation you deserve.

To experience the ultimate relaxation treatment  book an appointment with Natalya Terzioglu 

If you have an extended health plan and require direct billing please book with one of our registered massage therapists.